Where do I leave my Dog while on Vacation?

Dogs don’t appreciate holiday departures very much. You will therefore have to prepare yourself and your kitty as well as possible, before Departure-day.

In order to effectively prepare for your departure on vacation while including “Puppy” in the preparations, here are the questions to ask yourself and some tips.

Does my Dog have to come with me?

There is no obligation to take your animal on vacation with you. However, a childcare | solution will have to be found, as a cat cannot live independently.

If it is over a very short period of time (1 week or less) and you are going to do an activity such as hiking, for example, it is not necessarily useful to move your cat by taking him to your vacation spot. Unless the latter (or yourself) cannot do without each other.

If you take the car, also remember to ask the driver for his opinion: he will have to drive with the risk of a cat meowing during the journey, which can be very unpleasant and tiring (therefore dangerous) when you are behind the wheel. It is therefore important to prepare your cat to be transported in good condition.

If your cat knows your vacation spot and enjoys it, it may be worth taking with you. But beware of post-holiday depression: if the change in habits is too great, your cat may feel bad once back home (less freedom, space …). It is necessary to take precautions when returning from vacation so that your cat has a smooth transition to return to his daily life.

My cat doesn’t come with me on vacation. What are the best pet care solutions?

First, your cat probably won’t mind you going on vacation without him. Especially if you have a family with children, or teenagers, where there is a lot of “life” and noise. Being alone can then be a real holiday for your cat!

In this case, if “kitty” remains alone at home, it is necessary that a trusted person (a relative, a cat-sitter …) comes as regularly as possible (1 or even 2 times a day).


If you choose to have your cat looked after by a cat-sitter, book well in advance of your holiday and check if “the current passes” between him and your cat. Indeed, cats are like children with nannies: sometimes it does not pass and we can do nothing about it!

Do not hesitate to contact several professionals and observe how your cat behaves in their presence before committing to a guard.

Catsitters must hold a Certificate of Capacity for Pets of Domestic Species (CCAD). Check that the chosen professional has it in his possession. This certificate certifies that its holder has “knowledge relating to the biological, physiological, behavioral and maintenance needs of pets”.

Hotels for Cats and Dogs?

If you are going for a long time and abroad, you can use a “hotel for Dogs”. Be careful to inform yourself and visit them (under the name “hotel” some put everything and anything). If you are looking for a San Diego overnight hotel for Dogs would be Margale Pet Resort. Each Dog has its own cabin with its belongings, it can go to the common room for games. Everything is disinfected regularly, dogs are also treated against fleas and ticks.